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Sociology and the Inescapability of Human-self

Note: The following essay is a commentary on a conversation that took place in the American Journal of Sociology on the use of Verstehen (empathic understanding of human behaviour) between Watts (2014) and Turco et al (2017). The goal of … Continue reading

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Interviews with my Grandmother: Part II

My grandmother’s name is Snehlata. It translates to “a vine (lata) of love (sneh).” I would say that she is rather a “a vine of strength”, who has succeeded in keeping her ever spreading family together. Today, her children and … Continue reading

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Interviews with my Grandmother: Part I

Pushtimarg is a sect within Hinduism (and under Vaishnavism) that my family follows. It has been translated loosely as “A path (marg) of Grace (pushti)”, but I would translate Pushti rather differently. In my childhood, pusht, the root of pushti, was used to … Continue reading

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Objective discrimination vs “Experienced” discrimination

If you had asked me 10 years ago if I had ever experienced discrimination, I would have thought for a few seconds and said no. As my education in social sciences along with interaction with the political sphere increased, I … Continue reading

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Men, Cows, and Sluts: Public Space in Ahmedabad

I am a woman. I happen to come from a middle class family and live in a rather middle class Hindu neighborhood in Ahmedabad. The Shiv Sena colony of apartments lies right opposite to my apartment. Ahmedabad is divided into … Continue reading

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The sociology of clothes: a critique on the culture of mediocracy.

The effect of clothing on sociological interactions and categorization has been too scarcely studied. And considering the luxury of calling myself a sociologist gives me the purpose of making non-empirical observations in any environment when I happen to be present. … Continue reading

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