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Padmavati or Padmavaat? Conflating myth and history in social imagination

(As written on 27 February 2018) Women clad in bright-flowing red swarm together, unifying in a hymn to Hindu goddess Bhavani. In the baroque sets that Sanjay Leela Bhansali is known for, Queen Padmavati leads these women in an act … Continue reading

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Alienation through education

John Edgar Wideman, in a talk this weekend at the literature festival Écrivains du Monde organized by Columbia University Centre in Paris, mentioned the gap he felt in his literature classes while studying at the University of Pennsylvania. There was no … Continue reading

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Men, Cows, and Sluts: Public Space in Ahmedabad

I am a woman. I happen to come from a middle class family and live in a rather middle class Hindu neighborhood in Ahmedabad. The Shiv Sena colony of apartments lies right opposite to my apartment. Ahmedabad is divided into … Continue reading

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Foul: non-Politics in a Sandwich

For everyone wondering how I am doing in Cairo, I must tell you that routine has won over all the little annoyances, leading me to focus more on how the different foul sandwiches taste at different street corners in Cairo. … Continue reading

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Wasta: The Tahini-flavored guide to the Lebanese Favor Bank

Here in Lebanon, wasta is served fresh with great hommos, home-baked pita bread and arak (the local alcoholic drink made of anis). It comes in every form, and can be brought with words, bank notes, sexual favors or just family. … Continue reading

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The sociology of clothes: a critique on the culture of mediocracy.

The effect of clothing on sociological interactions and categorization has been too scarcely studied. And considering the luxury of calling myself a sociologist gives me the purpose of making non-empirical observations in any environment when I happen to be present. … Continue reading

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